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Fed Ex Looking at Another Big Purchase - Well as predicted it appears that the Trucking Industry will be making some consolidation and now Fed Ex has agreed to buy yet another ground transportation trucking company; Watkins Trucking.

July Scheduled Launch of New Jaguar XK In Japan - The Japanese automobile market should all be on the alert for the new Jaguar vehicle that would soon be careening down their path.

California Lemon Law Cases - Sometimes an automobile purchaser is not successful in obtaining a refund or replacement for a defective vehicle bought under warranty from manufacturer.

Fixing It Yourself Easy Car Tips - While most people tend to rush to the mechanic?s garage when something minor goes wrong with their car, you can really save a lot of money when you fix it yourself.

Define Lincoln Luxury Challenge Given By Lincoln And Magic Johnson To Aspiring Filmmakers - Calling all of the best and the brightest aspiring filmmakers.

x Truck Tires For The Big Boys - What do you want to see? A blur of forest and land slide by as you spin in all directions with mud surrounding your truck as if you?ve become engulfed in a tornado that?s comprised strictly of earth and water, is certainly a compelling option.

Lexus Tricked Out to the Max LS - Driving enthusiasts have come to expect more and more technological features equipped with their new cars.

How To Properly Fix A Flat Tire - Don't ever say it won't happen to you.

Hyundai Out To Inform The World About The ESC - There is a new initiative out now.

Reasons Why Car Donations Work - You might find yourself in the following situation: your car recently broke down and fixing it will actually cost you more than its worth or more than you expect.

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