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The Basic Motorcycle Gears for Beginners
by Karen Nodalo

For most beginners, they don’t have enough clues on optimizing with the basic gears required to become a motorcyclist. Some beginners think they need to purchase their bikes only and they’re off to their riding spree. In riding motorcycles, either beginners or experts, the need for motorcycle gears is a must and is very essential. There are specific gears for different types of usage and purposes. If you run your motorcycles for commuting or for leisure, entertainment or traveling, you need great useful accessories and gears to protect yourself from unwanted circumstances.

Many riders think that carrying a driver’s license is all it takes to freely commit on the road. That is definitely true and considered the most essential requirement for driving. You also need to carry your motorcycle’s license. Like people, every motorcycle needs to be identified for public use and reference.

Let’s now begin with your first motorcycle accessories. First and foremost for your safety, provide yourself a helmet. This protective gear emphasizes on your head, face and brain. Helmets have played many life-saving roles to motorcycle riders. It saves your head from being bumped and crushed on concrete roads and areas.

You will need a leather jacket for driving. These jackets are not just ordinary jackets but they are purposefully made for motorcycling. Jackets help your skin from too much heat of the sun, pollution and helps lessen the impact of air from hitting your skin. You can purchase these jackets on motorcycle gear and accessory shops. You can find jackets in the internet too in different motorcycle websites.

In order for you to have a good grip with the handlebars, buy a pair of gloves. Choose the cushion type gloves for your comfort and gripping. For foot protection, it is appropriate to wear boots. Boots will prevent your feet from hitting the lower hot parts of your vehicle. Since your feet plays a big role in shifting gears in the foot pedal, they need to be covered well. You need to wear jeans to protect the whole leg. Don’t wear tight ones because you definitely will not find it very comfortable in riding your motorcycles.

It is important that you choose the comfortable parts and accessories to keep you in good riding conditions. It helps you achieve a good-safe ride especially on long hours of traveling. You can find these goodies on motorcycle shops and stores. If you have a computer, you can just purchase at home. There are many motorcycle websites piling up which offers you a wide variety of choices and discounts. So for your first ride, try not skipping these items for your safety. Also put in mind that your safety is in your hands. These are just but helpful things that will save your day on a busy ride.

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Karen Nodalo came across writing when she was about 11. The whole craze for writing started when she first wrote her diary during elementary years. After school, she would write in it first before doing homework. She finds it cool and until now she still keeps one.

Her passion for writing started and improved. She joined in the school publications and they made her the editor.