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Motorcycle Helmets for Your Safety
by Karen Nodalo

Riding the motorcycle has always been hazardous. That is the main reason vehicles riders prefer automobiles rather than motorcycles. More and more motorcycle accidents have been reported each year that is why there have been strict rules implemented in motorcycle riding to decrease such cases.

Helmets are specially made to protect the motorcycle rider form encountering hazards in the highways. The rules on wearing helmets have been strictly implemented and it has been found out that cases of accidents have been lessened. This was achieved and continuously helped the people understand that it’s not just about wearing one but for life saving matters too.

Helmets can save your head from a deadly accident. Helmets should be worn properly and should fit your head size properly. Wearing a well-fitted helmet is appropriate and more secure especially if it has fastening belts for you to tighten and adjust with comfort.

There are different kinds of wearable helmets for your choice and depending upon the type of motorcycle you drive. There are exclusive helmets for dirt bikes, sport bikes and speed bikes. For fast riding, a full face covered helmet should be worn to prevent too much air from getting into your face and eyes. Imagine riding a fast lane at top speed with the air smashing into your face? That’s very rude. This type of head gear offers full protection and comfort features. It also protects your ears from too much engine noise on the road.

The open face helmet is still quite risky because it only protects the upper half of your head but not entirely. This kind of helmet is not really very advisable for usage. The only advantage of this is that it’s cheap. But would you cut short your money for an expensive hospital bill when you aren’t caught by luck on the streets? Very few riders purchase this kind of helmets because it offers slight protection and for some, they consider it not cool because of its design and built.

Off road are dirt helmets which are used for racing purposes. In racing, riders should be very sure of their helmets because racing invites most of the risk to committing accidents. Before riding, they should make sure that their head gears fit their size. If not very exact, at least choose the helmet which is next to your head size.

No matter how heavy you feel in wearing these head gears, think twice and think of your safety and it will pay off everything. If you aren’t comfortable in wearing one, think of its worth and life-saving offers and it will pay off everything. Don’t put your life to risk over some laziness.

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About the Author
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Her passion for writing started and improved. She joined in the school publications and they made her the editor.