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California Lemon Law Cases

Sometimes an automobile purchaser is not successful in obtaining a refund or replacement for a defective vehicle bought under warranty from manufacturer. The manufacturer may make some unsuccessful attempts to repair the vehicle and do little else. Because California Lemon Law expressly states that the purchaser is entitled to a refund or replacement under such circumstances, a case can be filed against the manufacturer.The legal process of enforcing the California Lemon Law obviously requires an attorney who is experienced in this legal field.

Once the purchaser decides to file a case against the manufacturer, the attorney will have to be filled in on the various details pertaining to the vehicle. For instance, the following details will be called for:.? The make and model of the vehicle.? The year of manufacture.

? Current mileage (and mileage at the time of sale in case of used vehicles).? Name, address and contact details of the dealer.? The date the purchase or lease was made, along with a copy of the document.? The details of the warranty.? A detailed list of the problems encountered by the purchaser.? The number of attempts made to repair the vehicle.

? The number of days for which the vehicle was under repair.A good Lemon Law attorney will obtain either a replacement or a refund for the disputed vehicle and have the manufacturer cover the costs incurred by the consumer during the use and repair of the vehicle, as well as legal fees. The attorney should not charge for an initial consultation and evaluation of your case.Attorneys specializing in California Lemon Law cases are in great demand, and many of them offer toll-free telephone numbers for evaluations. You can usually fax or email the basic details to them for this purpose.

.California Lemon Law provides detailed information on California Lemon Law, California Computer Lemon Law, California Boat Lemon Law, California Lemon Law Attorneys and more. California Lemon Law is affiliated with Boat Lemon Laws.

By: Richard Romando


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