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The Benefits of Airbags

Airbags have been all made available for many vehicles for a long time running. In fact, the United States government has made sure that these would be made standard for vehicles. This has become reality for in July 11, 1984, the US government has already required all cars to airbags for the driver's side at least. Come 1998, it was later on mandated that all vehicles should contain airbags in the front end of the vehicle.Insurance agencies and companies have come up with results that drivers and passengers who would like to have greater protection during crashes would benefit greatly from side airbags. In fact, this is just a recent study and was reported only last April 15, 2006.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has also found that, indeed, these side airbags have been beneficial and really helpful during side impact crashes.Some of the tests conducted by the IIHS with regards to side impact crashes showed that majority of vehicles that do not hold such a safety feature suffered from dislodged seats, or had seats that separated from the floor. Just imagine riding in a vehicle that would have dislodged seats because of a side impact crash. However, thanks to the side airbags, safety of the passengers were greatly increased.Of course, airbags should not be considered as a replacement to seatbelts.

Seatbelts also serve their own unique purpose in providing safety. And this goes true for airbags as well.There are actually various types of airbags so as to provide proper and enough protection to a vehicle's passengers during crashes. There are front side airbags, front airbags, passenger side airbags, and even airbags located somewhere on the steering wheel to assist in keeping the driver in place and not being thrown off the windshield.In fact, it could be deduced that airbags are actually supplements to the safety belt system.

What it does is it reduces the chance that the passenger's or the driver's head and upper body will strike a part of the vehicle's interior. Serious injury is also reduced because these airbags actually distribute crash forces evenly across the body of the passenger.To support this claim, there is a recent study that concluded that there are already some 6000 lives already saved and kept safe because of the use of airbags.Volkswagen vehicles also contain and come with these airbags. In fact, Volkswagen also assures its customers and patrons worldwide that their vehicle would provide enough protection during crashes.


However, the company maintains that keeping a Volkswagen in tiptop shape would assist greatly in keeping its passengers safe. If there is a need for Volkswagen parts, Auto Parts Discount is one of the trusted company that offers quality Volkswagen parts as well as Volkswagen accessories.--------.Joe Thompson is the owner of a successful auto body shop in Ferndale, California.

This 38 year old is also a prolific writer, contributing automotive related articles to various publications.

By: Joe Wayne


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