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Hyundai Out To Inform The World About The ESC

There is a new initiative out now. And Hyundai Motor America has got something to do with all of it.

You see, Hyundai has recently announced to the public that it is out to set out on informing consumers of the essential life-saving technology that has been included as features in many of their vehicles. These technologies have already been made as standard equipment and features on more than 70 per cent of their vehicles.

As part of the whole campaign of informing the public, all Hyundai vehicles would be used as a medium.

This would be starting out in June when all the vehicles from the company that has the Electronic Stability Control, or more known as the ESC, as a standard feature would be having a small window decal. This decal would contain this: "ESC: Life-saving technology confirmed by NHTSA and IIHS studies."

The posting of the said small window decal would be part of the whole campaign towards disseminating information.

Also, it would assist in raising awareness about the ESC. It also becomes part of Hyundai's campaign towards informing the public that the company is dedicated in providing utmost and optimum safety with the use of sophisticated technology like the ESC.

John Krafcik, the vice president of product development and strategic planning for Hyundai Motor America, says, "Research universally substantiates that Electronic Stability Control is an invaluable life-saving technology, and Hyundai is proud to lead all popular automotive brands in providing it as standard equipment to our customers. Other manufacturers may talk about their commitment to this technology, but at Hyundai, we've demonstrated our commitment by making ESC standard equipment on more than 70 per cent of our volume ? a higher level of standard ESC than Toyota, Honda, GM, Ford, or Volvo.".

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Auto Parts Discount Hyundai parts ### Joe Thompson is the owner of a successful auto body shop in Ferndale, California.

This 38 year old is also a prolific writer, contributing automotive related articles to various publications. .

By: Joe Thompson


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