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Fed Ex Looking at Another Big Purchase

Well as predicted it appears that the Trucking Industry will be making some consolidation and now Fed Ex has agreed to buy yet another ground transportation trucking company; Watkins Trucking. This is a huge acquisition indeed and in fact it could be nearly one billion dollars in all.Watkins Trucking is an LTL or less than load carrier and it runs offices in Canada and Mexico, giving Fed Ex Ground a huge boost in North American International Trade. UPS has also announced a very big merger in the coming future although has not entirely disclosed what that might be?.

It appears we will continue to see large mergers in the Transportation Sector long into the future and especially in the next two-years as the fuel prices remain high and those carriers who are most efficient take home larger amounts of the profit and re-invest to further increase efficiencies thru economies of scale.For companies like Fed Ex and UPS well they are in a league of their own and are clearly using their size and ranges of shipping to their advantage, while capitalizing on all aspect of the business cycle, competition and high fuel prices. Consider all this in the transportation sector in 2006.

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The Benefits of Airbags - Airbags have been all made available for many vehicles for a long time running.

Encountering Aggressive Drivers - All motorists and drivers know that aggressive driving is something that is never encouraged on the roads and streets.

Can We Use Storm Water for a Car Wash and Never Hook Up to Any Water Supply - What if a car wash, which is generally a big user of water, never had to use any water at all? What if the carwash used rainwater on its property to fill up its storage tanks and then used that to wash the cars and recycled and re-used that water.

Advice For Driving To The World Cup This Summer - With this year?s football World Cup now only months away, tens of thousands of young people from all corners of England are getting ready to travel to Germany this summer.

Tips For Privately Buying A Second Hand Car - ? Do some initial homework.

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