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Your Car Is Too Important For SecondRate Repairs

Few things are as dismaying as seeing the aftermath of a collision involving your car, and imagining the cost of repairing the damage. If you've had to have body work done on your car, and it was done well, you'll have an idea where to go next time you need your car repaired. If the car damages are related to an accident, then you will be provided with several options on which repair shops to use by your insurance company. Quality Is Most Important If you are able to pick your own auto body shop, then there are some important factors to consider. Will ensure the repairs done on your car are of a high standard.

Is the auto shop itself maintained? Does the auto shop have cars inside that look like they've been there for a long time? Is the business busy? Look for an auto repair shop that looks reasonably neat, well-organized, and that provides quick service. Be sure that the repairs to your car are complete and that it operates to your expectations. Do not pay for something you are not happy with. Unethical or deceptive auto workers may be out to steal your valuable cash and time with substandard, unskilled, uncompleted, or just plain shoddy work; you should be sure that all of the work agreed upon is complete before you pay for any repairs for your car. Being picky from the beginning is one way to stand up for yourself and your car.

Credibility is Important Don't be afraid to grill the shop about their workmanship. Do they strive to do excellent work? What kind of guarantee do they offer? Do the employees have the right certification in car repair work? Communicate to them what your car needs and how you rely on your car daily. Do they appreciate how important it is to you that the work is well done? Make sure that the repair shop you work with is attentive to what your car needs.

Check that the company will stand behind its work, and if you feel it's necessary, ask for references too. Make sure to look over your car both before and after taking it in to the shop, ideally both by yourself and with the shop's inspector. This lets you stay alert of any changes to your car while it's at the shop. It's not uncommon for auto workers to accidentally damage your car, and if this happens, they may not tell you; they don't want to have to compensate you for the damage or want to risk trouble with their boss. This scenario actually occurs more than you might think and is rather negative.

You must be wise when choosing an auto repair shop. Find a repair shop that will show you some of their completed work on the lot. Don't have your car repaired at unclean and unorganized shops.

Don't just choose the first auto body shop you can find, and trust your instincts as you look for a shop. You need to take care of your car, since you have so much money tied up in it.

Shane Rethwisch is a retired mechanic and keeps many old beauties running smoothly. For Shingle Springs auto repair he recommends their local shop for Cameron Park brakes, smog, or new car standard mileage checkpoint work.


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