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Why Scooters Are Becoming The Best Alternative To Cars As Gas Prices Rise

As the price for barrels of oil increases, the price of gas will increase as well. As gas prices increase, alternative modes of transportation are becoming a necessity versus traditional transportation. Now more than ever sport utility vehicles, hummers, pick up trucks, and other fuel inefficient vehicles are being replaced by other forms of transportation.

Today people are turning to other forms of transportation such as hybrid cars, hybrid sport utility vehicles, motorcycles, and scooters. While hybrid cars and hybrid sport utility vehicles may suit people who prefer to own cars and sport utility vehicles, they still require several gallons of gasoline to run.As gasoline prices increase each and every day, hybrids will soon become an unpopular choice for people looking to save money at the gasoline station. People are also turning to motorcycles as an alternate form of transportation.

However, motorcycles are intimidating to many people. Motorcycles are big, strong, and make a lot of noise so it's understandable why people can be scared or intimidated. They also require specific licensing and helmet restrictions in many states. Scooters have become an increasing choice for people looking at alternative forms of transportation. There are several advantages to choose scooters over motorcycles, cars, and sport utility vehicles.

They're more affordable, the entry model for scooters can range between $2000 to $2500. There are even smaller engine scooter models below 150cc cost less than $2,000. The larger engine models, 250 cc and above, are in the $4,000 to $8,000 range.

Regardless of which scooter engine size you buy, scooters are much cheaper than motorcycles and automobiles. Another reason to choose scooters is that they offer much better gas mileage. It's very common for a scooter to get 50 to 80 miles per gallon. Due to their size and engine, they simply don't consume as much gasoline as motorcycles and automobiles. One of the biggest reasons people are choosing scooters is that they are easy to ride and maneuver. Unlike motorcycles, scooters are not intimidating.

They're much smaller and due to the scooter's step-through design, there's no need to swing your leg over an engine, making scooters easier to get on and get off. The engine is usually under the seat or attached to the rear axle. They have automatic transmission, hand brakes, a handlebar accelerator, smaller wheels and as stated previously they don't weigh much. Scooters are widely popular in Asia and Europe due to their cost, fuel efficiency, smaller size, and ease of use. Today, scooters are becoming widely popular in America for their cost, since they can start below $2000. They are also becoming popular because of their gas mileage, they're simply one of the most fuel efficient vehicles around.

Lastly, with a compact size, automatic transmission, and step through design, scooters are simply easier to use than any other vehicle around.

Ever since getting his first Vespa scooter as a college graduation present, Gavin Vincent has become a scooter enthusiast. To learn more about Vespa and other scooters visit his Scooter site. You'll find plenty of information on scooters and where to find the best bargains on discount scooters.


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