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What You Should Never Buy With Your Used Car

Probably the biggest money-maker and greatest rip-off for consumers are dealer installed add-ons. You know window tint, alarm, DVD player, tires and wheels, spoilers and ground effects are just some of the multitude of aftermarket products available to enhance the look and/or features of your vehicle. However, if you are willing to spend a little time getting prices, you can find a much better deal than the dealer is offering. The only advantage to buying your vehicle add-on's from the dealer is you are able to add the cost into the lien note.

But this will obviously raise your monthly payment from just a few more dollars to a couple of hundred! Not to mention the additional interest incurred when you roll the accessory costs into the vehicle's lien note. Save yourself the aggravation and some money by getting any of the accessory add-ons from other sources. There are a myriad of aftermarket retailers just waiting for you to come in and purchase your add-on equipment from them. For the most part, these retailers have technicians who know far more about installation and set-up procedures than any Used Car Dealer mechanic. Plus they offer a greater selection of high quality aftermarket products than the dealer and at lower prices. The reason is simple; the aftermarket retailers know you can easily roll the accessory cost into your lien note, so they have to make it worth your while to choose to purchase from them instead; thus better selection and lower prices.

Plus if the truth were told, the Used Car Dealer probably sends your vehicle out to an aftermarket retailer to install the products anyway. Most dealers do not have the ability or manpower to do all the accessories in-house. Think about it, if you are paying the dealer $350.00 for window tint, they are probably paying $100.

00 at the aftermarket retailer, which is more than likely the same price you would be paying as well. So not only do you keep your payments down, you save on the cost of the items, the labor to install them and you also establish a relationship with the aftermarket retailer should there be any problems later on. If you take the vehicle back to the dealer, chances are you will be directed to the aftermarket retailer for any repairs or warranty problems.

Chuck Parrish, former used car salesman now consumer advocate, reveals unethical salesman ploys, and how to get cheap used car finance and insurance at his website


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