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What is the Audi TT

When you are looking for a hot little car that will impress not only you but also everyone that sees it, then you need to get an Audi TT. This car has everything that you will ever need. You will never want to park the car because it is so much fun to drive. People with these fun little cars are riding in style, looking, and feeling great at the same time.The experience of driving an Audi TT is one that you will never forget.

It has 250 horsepower and a DSG transmission. This is what makes this car so special. It has all wheel drive and great looking bi-color paint. There are only a few of these awesome cars produced and they will be grabbed up very quickly.

The experience of having an Audi TT is one that will excite just about anyone. For a long time, the carmakers of Audi have been producing great cars that are not only affordable; they are also reliable and have the best safety and performance in mind. This is a type of car that is special in its own class.Audi TT and the other Audi brand cars are doing their best to make the greatest cars that everyone can have.

They are made with the greatest safety measurements and also the best technology that is available for cars. Not only is the outside of the car attractive and eye catching, the inside has just as much beauty. You will see that the interior is made with precision and has everything that you will need at your fingertips.Getting an Audi TT is going to be one of the best car choices a person could make.

They will fall in love with the beauty as well as the ride of the car.People will also love the way that they feel when they get behind the wheel and take their first drive. The ability to drive a car and have the care free feeling that they have always wanted is something that every driver will get when they take on the Audi TT.There have been many generations of the Audi TT and with every year, something is added to make it even better. There have been many people that the style that they grow attached to their car for a lifetime.

The TT is so great that is was nominated for the North American Car of the Year award in 2000. It was also Car and Driver magazine's Ten Best list for 2000 and 2001.This is a great venture when it comes to the car world. There are so many cars that are made each year and when they have the opportunity to be nominated for one of these great awards, they should be appreciated and given a closer look at.Getting the Audi TT will be one of the best decisions that anyone could ever make and it would be a great addition to any driver's fun.

.Ove Marcelind http://www.besttt.

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By: Ove Marcelind


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