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Save More On The Move With The Right Truck Rental

Almost no one wants to deal with a move. Although it's exciting to get a new place, the packing, lifting and unpacking just aren't fun. Hiring movers might be an option for some, but for others the added expense takes away from other necessities they may need in the new place. Those looking to save a little money might benefit from a truck lease.

Rather than having to round up every truck you can get your hands on and a ton of friends to drive and load, a single large moving truck on a lease can solve a lot of problems.Before running out and leasing a big moving truck, however, it's a good idea to assess what you really need.If you're moving from a tiny studio apartment, it's not likely you'll need a massive truck to get the job done. But, if you have the contents of a whole home, you just might.Truck rental agreements can be a little confusing for someone who's never leased before.

* Exact rental dates. Make sure you have arranged for the truck for the days and hours you need it. Don't leave this to chance. There's nothing worse than having 10 friends show up to help you move and finding out the truck you need has been rented to someone else for that day.* Pricing.

Does the rental fee include mileage, too, or will that be an extra expense? Ask.* Return policy. Know where you need to bring the truck back to when you're done. If you're moving in town, this will be easy.

But, cross-country moves may require a map for the drop off location.* Is a full tank required upon return? If it is, you'll want to make sure this is completed before you turn the truck in.* Is insurance offered. If it is, you likely will want to buy it unless your regular car policy will cover the truck from any damage while you're driving it.Once you've determined these things, you should be set to make the lease.

Get a truck that meets your needs and isn't too big for you to handle.Be certain to understand the terms of the lease and don't forget to check on rental dates and confirm the reservation.Before you pick up the truck, make sure:.* You've done your packing.* Make sure breakables have been secured.

* Clearly label boxes so friends who are helping don't put 50 pounds of books on top of your china!.* Make certain valuable items that won't go on the truck, or shouldn't, have been set aside so no one will load them.This includes such things as important papers, expensive antiques and even electronic devices.A rental truck can really help make a move go more smoothly. Getting ready for the big day before you get the big truck, however, can also be a big assistance.


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By: Tom Sample


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