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Nerf Bars And Truck Side Steps One Leg Up On the Others With Main Features

Side tubes, nerf bars, step bars, running boards. Whatever you call 'em, they look great and work even better. The need for side steps has grown as trucks and SUVs have gotten taller. You'll discover a number of features and benefits with a set of side steps, including:.

- A stable extra boost up into your cab.- Safe stepping in any weather.- A variety of shapes and styles.- Heavy-duty materials for overall strength.- A multitude of finish choices for a smooth and tough appearance.- Sturdy mounting in a matter of minutes.

Nerf bars, side tubes and running boards are sure to give a boost to tired legs and your vehicle's looks, too. That's right, nerf bars and running boards sure look cool and they do give a welcome step to hard worked legs. But they also help protect your vehicle's body from those inconsiderate folks that swing their doors open without a thought.

They'll think twice next time after slamming into a solid nerf bar.A guide to the extra boost provided by side steps.Whether you've got a low-rolling midsize SUV or a monster truck, you could probably use a solid step beneath your door for an extra boost when you need it. Nerf bars and running boards can be a welcome sight after a tiring day at the job site or an energy-sapping stint at the office. Think of your other riders, too.The sturdy stepping place provided by a set of nerf bars or running boards is a great measure of safety and peace of mind for your younger or older passengers.

Side steps are built to handle frequent use, too. They bolt-on to your vehicle in a pre-existing mounting position on the frame.This makes for sturdy installation that can handle whatever your passengers' feet dish out.Side steps also boast incredible weight capacity. The typical set of nerf bars can hold 300lbs. or more at a time, supported by the steel construction and heavy-duty frame mount brackets.

Most running boards boast an aluminum support frame beneath the stepping surface, giving these side steps a weight capacity of up to 500lbs.The basics of safe stepping in any weather with side steps.Wet weather can make for unstable footing everywhere. That's why nerf bars and running boards feature treaded pads that help you get a grip on the step before climbing into your vehicle. These all-weather pads feature a grooved design that channels water away from the stepping surface.Beyond providing a non-slip surface for stepping, nerf bars and running boards keep the mess from getting to your vehicle's carpet.

The treaded pad is an excellent place to wipe your feet, while the tube or board itself becomes an ingenious tool for knocking off the mud.The all-weather step pads stay in place with heavy-duty adhesive that's sure to hold for the life of your tubes. Plus, they're installed to recesses in the board or tube, meaning the strength of your step isn't compromised with a cutout.The basics of side step materials.

Nerf bars typically use thick-wall steel tubing to get their strength and durability. Either cold-rolled carbon steel or stainless steel are the metals of choice, with the carbon steel only used on powder coat models.Running boards feature molded polymer top surfaces.It's a high-strength plastic, supported underneath by an integrated aluminum frame for added rigidity.

That's how the wider, thinner running board can support more weight than standard tubes.Ground Clearance.Side step thickness varies greatly, especially among nerf bars. For standard tubes and steps, non-lowered trucks and SUVs will have no trouble. Lowered trucks and SUVs may have clearance issues with any tubes or steps.And, only full-size trucks can tackle jumbo-sized 4" nerf bars.

Just another thing to keep in mind when deciding to customize your ultimate driving machine.:).

.Andrew Bernhardt writes copy and does aftermarket accessory research for

Visit their website for more information regarding nerf bars including makes like Westin nerf bars and other side steps.

By: Andrew Bernhardt


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