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Jeep Grand Cherokee Powerful And Grand

Since its investiture in 1974 the Jeep Cherokees have appeared in four models of which two are now obsolete. The remaining ones are the Jeep Grand Cherokee - since 1993, and the Jeep Cherokee KJ otherwise known as Liberty in North America - since 2002. The Jeep Cherokees are in point of fact Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) of the Jeep division of Chrysler. Inherit a legacy is the Jeep Brand tradition and the "Go Anywhere, Do AnythingTM" character.

The exterior of this motor vehicle is just too majestic. With the signature Seven Slot Grill, Aerodynamic Windshield Rakes and other just as grand features, it is no wonder that the machine is christened as "The Grand Cherokee". Mopar Accessories add splendor to the already magnificent Cherokee and these accessories let you to personalize the vehicle to your hearts satisfaction.

The transmission of power, in the Cherokee, from the powerful engine to the wheels can only be called as noteworthy. The transmission permits fully automatic gear changing and manual gear choice through the Electronic Range Select that is also smart and can be trained to learn a driving style and adapt accordingly. The Four Wheel Drive Quadradrive systems just switches on the power. Powered by a 420 hp version of the 6.1 L Hemi(there are also others available), it sports upgraded Brembo brakes, large dual performance exhaust with polished tips, Bilstein performance gas charged shocks and modified suspension components, Mercedes-Benz NAG1 (WA580) 5-speed transmission, unique NV146 transfer case, specially designed electronic all-wheel-drive system and interior and external updates.

A drive shaft from a diesel application and fortified Dana 44 rear differential match the performance package. The Cherokee is 100 percent focused on performance counting the naught to sixty mph in 4.6 seconds and capable of beating the mile dragstrip in 13.2 seconds at 104.

1 miles per hour. At top speed the speedometer displays an respectable 180 mph. Not to be outdone, the interior of the Jeep is as tranquil as possible.

The fine cloth of the adaptable and leather trimmed heated seats, the sort of retractable rear seats and the ambiance control carries you virtually to seventh heaven. Infotainment does not take a less important role as far as the Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicle is concerned. The entertainment provided is such that time and space will just about whiz by you. The SIRIUS Backseat TVTM and the SIRIUS Satellite Radio will not only make driving a pleasure for you but will also keep interference from your backseat driver to the barest minimum. The other systems present on board are just too abundant and have to be seen to be believed. Both active and passive safety and security measures are available in the grand car.

The standard and mandatory equipment are all there and the jeep has earned the U.S. Government's highest ranking for frontal-impact crash testing - Five Stars. To beat conveniences the motor vehicle comes with ParkSense and ParkView Rear Backup Camera. The Jeep Grand Cherokee Keychains make their presence experienced in four classes: the Chrome Circle, the Metal Oval, the Leather Gold and the Leather Silver.

The deep chlorine green logo harmonizes the stylish SUV and makes a splendid addition to the vehicle.

Kathy Austin is a writer for Wholesale keychains. Check out the intricate designs of these Jeep Grand Cherokee Keychains , they are crafted in stainless steel, metal, chrome, and leather.


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