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Infomation About The Jaquar S type

In the year 1963, the British car maker Jaquar declared that their company will be producing a luxury sedan to compete against the key position that then was occupied with the popular named Mark II. The year that followed, saw Jaquar S type getting launched into the market. Though the definite intention behind the launch of the Jaquar S type was nothing other than replacing the Mark II in its line up, but the strong reputation and sales of the latter forced the manufacturer to place the all new Jaquar S type into a totally different segment altogether.

Four years post its inception, the production of Jaquar S type was discontinued since the bigger Jaquar XJ6 replaced it. It is indeed after a long hiatus, that the Jaquar S type was revived in the year 2000 by none other than the Ford car makers who is presently the owner of the magnificent British marque. The revived version of the Jaquar S type shared its liked with the now non functioning Lincoln LS. But the production pipeline was expanded in 2003 with the fully supercharged S type R. The R version by far is the most powerful design ever produced in the S type lineup. The moderate size luxury car along with the R badge is armed with a supercharged 4.

2 liter V8 engine unit. The V8 engine that this Jaquar S type comes bundled is actually capable of producing as much as 390 horsepower giving it a power boost to propel 0 to 60 miles an hour in as low as 5.3 seconds flat. Among the most noticeable features as compared to the conventional S type, the R version of the same has an 18-in alloy wheels and wire mesh grille. The R badge is clearly visible on the lid of the boot and both the front wings of the same.

Keeping aside the great look and a powerful design, the Jaquar S type comes blended with features like Dynamic stability control. It is also known as Electronic Stability control which reduces the risk of the driver to lose control over his vehicle. It automatically adjusts the speed and applies brake when it analyses that the power is unevenly flowing at any of the wheels, thus maximizing the balance of the car on the road. Apart from this intelligent feature there is one more that comes clubbed with the R version of the S type.

That is, it has an active suspension system which administers the performance and keeps controls over the components such as Jaquar struts and the shock absorber. Not to forget that all R variant of the S type also comes along with an adaptive cruise control system. The laser technology has been used behind this feature of the car. The car would maintain a pre set distance between itself and the object in front of it. It automatically gets activated when the preset speed is achieved and when it senses an impending accident, it automatically applies the brakes and the stops the vehicle, thus making it safer than any other car in its segment. This car could be an obvious choice if you are looking for the safety of your family.

Even if you cannot afford to buy one, it's worth hiring one for your family. Trust me, its well worth the money and the safety after all.

Written on behalf of Total Fleet Services. Contract Hire UK
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