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If You Want A Hybrid Vehicle Get In Line And Wait

As gas prices have gotten higher, so has the demand for Hybrid cars. Used Hybrids are in as great a demand as the new ones. Because of this demand, the dealers are having a difficult time filling all of the requests for them. Large vehicles such as SUVs used to be very popular, but they consume a large amount of fuel and with the high cost of gasoline, the cost to fuel them has made them less desirable.

Now, they are being traded in with the hopes that they can be replaced by the fuel friendly Hybrid. Toyota, the maker of Prius has been working non stop to increase production of the vehicles. They estimate that approximately 22000 are on backorder. During the 2004 calendar year alone, they estimate that there were 36000 Prius cars available and that's just in the United States. After the car made its way onto the market, that figure has increased to more than $47000. If you want one of these vehicles, join the crowd.

There are long waiting lists for them and those lists are growing. Part of the reason for the demand, is their fuel efficiency. One of the ways it saves on fuel is that it idles less and uses less fuel. It also gets better gas mileage, sometimes as much as 15 more miles to the gallon than their conventional cousins.

Another reason for their popularity is that they are not just fuel efficient but they are also environmentally friendly. They also produce up to 90 percent fewer emissions, which helps to protect air quality. They come in attractive styles and colors that make consumers feel good driving them as well as making a positive contribution to the environment. Naturally, when a product is in great demand, the cost for them will be higher. It is not uncommon for new Hybrid vehicles to sell for considerably more than their listed price. The same applies for the used ones.

Some of their prices have actually surpassed those of the new models. There are a few tips you can try to get your car at a lower price and maybe even in a less amount of time. If you have always used one dealership, check with them first. Since you have given them business in the past, they might be able to give you preferential treatment. On the same token, different dealerships might have a less waiting time than others, so call around to see if that's the case. You should also consider going outside of your area to buy one.

Not every area has as high a demand as yours might. Do the research and if it's cost effective go out your way to obtain one, then definitely consider this option. Stay flexible when it comes to style and color, if you hope to obtain one quickly. You might have to wait longer if you're determined to get the exact one that you want.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Florida. Find more about this as well as Car Care Supplies at


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