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How Thieves Steal Cars Despite AntiTheft Devices

Automobiles are one of the most prone things or property to be stolen. In fact, the United States government has come up with a list of the most popularly stolen vehicles. This is plainly because cars and vehicles are more often than not left in a driveway or in a parking lot which is easily accessed by anybody. Also, some studies have even shown that even if there are devices used to ward off any attempts at thievery, these thieves have come up with many creative ways to get around them.The automobile world has come up with various tricks to keep these thieves away.These tricks include the invention and creation of various devices that would either scare the thief away or alert the owner that his or her vehicle is about to be stolen.

Bar locks, which are also commonly known as wheel locks, are one of the most popular devices used to keep a vehicle from being stolen. These are steering wheel bars that actually lock up the steering wheel. What these locks do is they actually lend a hand in preventing thieves to get the tires and wheels of a vehicle. However, thieves have come up with a way to get around these locks. They just need a pair of bolt cutters or a hacksaw and off they go with the vehicle and it could happen in around 15 to 30 seconds only.

Audible alarms are known in the automobile industry as nuisance alarms. What these devices do is they alert and attempt to scare thieves away by creating a ruckus. However, these cunning thieves have already found a way to get around them.

By simply cutting through the wires, these audible alarms are silenced. Aside from these, audible alarms are also oftentimes ignored by people for studies have shown that they can go off with just a simple touch to the vehicle.Pedal locks are another form of keeping thieves away.

What it does is it locks the brakes of the vehicle. On the other hand, cutting the locks can be easily done from a minimum of 15 seconds to 60 seconds by the thief.Electronic immobilizing devices are usually used so as to disconnect all the power of the vehicle which starts from the starter.By doing such, these devices actually prevents thieves from getting through the vehicle because they could not get to the ignition and make the engine start. Trained thieves, however, could get past this obstacle by cutting wires or overriding the whole system.These are just a few of the most popular anti-theft devices that try to hinder thieves from running off with your vehicle.

But there are still many inventions and tricks to keep their hands off your car. You can simply ask your automobile experts or technicians regarding such things if you are concerned about your car.

.On the other hand, if thieves have already gotten away with parts of your vehicle like your bumper or your mirrors, you can easily replace them with quality auto parts from Auto Parts Information. They highly regarded for their Infiniti parts and products that are made just like the manufacturers crafted them.-------
Terry Brown is a 32 year old from Houston Texas, and an enthusiast for anything auto-related.

He currently writes auto-related articles for several publications.

By: Terry Brown


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