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Drive For Less With Discount Car Rentals

Making the most of a family vacation or even a business trip often requires the use of a rental car. For many, however, the added expense can really hurt a trip budget or a company's bottom line. Going with the big names can render some good cost savings, but what about cheap rental car options? In short, the answer is yes, but it is a case of buyer beware, or renter.

Whether the trip's for business or pleasure, if a rental car is needed, quality is a must. So in the case of getting a car, cheap must equal affordable, but operable. Cheap should never equal garbage in the case of a rental. Keeping the need for quality in mind, finding good deals on decent rental cars is more than possible. Cheap cars can come from smaller rental car companies, those that lease scratch-and-dent models and even bigger name companies that offer some great deals. The best way to find the best prices in rental cars is to shop around.

Sounds simple, but it's true. No matter what your destination is, if there is an airport or other mass transit station, there should be rental companies around. Most of these will have their own web sites set up or at least good listings in phone books. Check out those web sites and make phone calls. Look for companies in the location you're intending to go.

Sometimes you can even get free quotes online, which makes comparison shopping quick and pretty darn easy, too. Don't settle for the first price you get quoted if cheap is in order. Don't forget that smaller companies may offer better rates. Check these out in the place you intend to visit. Remember though that sometimes these places only have service in the general area. This means a car picked up at Point A must be returned to Point A at the end of the rental period.

An arrangement of this type works very well for a family trip or even a business trip that's staying fairly localized, but it won't do much good for the traveler who wants to drive a rental to their destination, enjoy a vacation and then fly back home. Read the fine print on the different web sites you check out. This is important to understand what kind of guarantees the companies offer. If you're calling them, specifically ask. Scratch-and-dent rentals can often save some money, too. These shops generally are pretty small and localized.

Be sure the company's regulations fit in with your trip and do check with the company's local better business bureau for any major complaints. A rental wreck can be a great way to save cash, but if the "wreckage" goes beyond some minor cosmetic issues, the car might be a problem even for a short rental. In general, when looking to rent a car, it's a good idea to be certain you know what you're getting into. Check around and shop prices, but remember your vacation or your business trip will be riding on the wheels, so a good car is an absolute must.

Cheap rental car companies can be found. As long as they are reputable, too, you should be in good shape.

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Discount rental cars.


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