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Avoid Buying Gasohol and Avoid Buying Gas from a Just Replenished Gas Station

Don't spend your money on gases such as gasohol, which gives you less mileage compared to gasoline. This can lead you to spend more on your car gas expenditure. Know when to refill your car gas. And don't just pump the gas because you need it. You should never purchase gasohol for your car since it contains only two-thirds of the energy of gasoline. This means that you would need to buy much more gasohol to go the same distance on a tank of gasoline.

Gasohol is a mixture of ethanol (alcohol made from grain) and gas, and is used by some farmers to help cut the amount of pollution in the air. Even if you are traveling and it seems like the only fuel choice for miles is gasohol try to avoid buying this type of adapted fuel. When a gas station has its underground tanks filled, the particles at the bottom of the tank are stirred up.

These particles can become mixed in with the gas that you are putting into your car, which can lead to efficiency problems. The particles can clog your fuel filter, causing your car to stall and start with some difficulty. If the gas station that you have decided to stop at has the lowest gas price in your area you may want to think about taking the time to come back at a later time rather than stopping at the next gas station that is offering a higher price for gas.

One of the best things that you can do is to keep your vehicle as well tuned as you possibly can. This means taking note of those regularly scheduled maintenance checkups that you so often ignore. Studies indicate that a car with an engine that is poorly tuned will increase the amount of fuel consumption from 10 to 20 percent. Information found at www.fueleconomy.

gov shows that when you tune up a car that is due for a checkup or one that has emissions problems, you can increase the gas mileage by up to 4.1 percent. Pay attention to the signals that your car is giving you.

When the red message light on your dashboard lights up letting you know that it's time to check your gauges make sure that you have your car looked at as soon as you can. If you are uncertain when the last time was that you had your car serviced you may be able to contact the mechanic that last did the work for you. If they keep accurate records your mechanic will be able to give you a date for your last maintenance visit and help you schedule a new one at the same time. Change the oil in your car on a regular basis. When you keep the oil in your car clean you reduce the wear that is caused by friction in the moving parts of your car's engine.

Keeping track of your last oil change will save you money at the gas pump and increase your fuel consumption. If you are reluctant or unable to change the oil in your car on your own make sure that you fuel up at a gas station that offers you full service. This way you can ask the gas attendant to help you fill your car with gas as well as take a look under the hood of your car to change the oil. Make sure that you are using the right grade of oil that is required by your car or truck. Oil grades are measured in viscosity, which determines how much the oil can resist flow.

Grades of oil include: - 0W (this is the thinnest) (W stands for winter) - 5W to 25W - 20 to 60 (60 is the thickest) Check with the owner's manual that comes with your car for more information about the grade of oil that is required by your car. Make sure that you use the right grade of oil to ensure that your car runs as smoothly as it should in all types of weather. If you find that you are always running out of oil when you need it you can buy car oil in bulk at stores such as Costco so that you always have oil available for your vehicle. If you can't change the oil in the car yourself ask a family or friend to give you a hand.

The more care you give to your car with good gasoline the higher mileage you get and the more you save on your gas expenses. Never experiment with your car gas because that could cost you more. Beware of the pump station's underground tanks conditions and decide on when to refill your car next time. This can saves you a lot of troubles in maintaining your car and gives you more mileage efficiency. So now you know when to take your car for servicing and what care you can take for your car to give you more mileage and efficiency.

Remember the better care you take of your car the better it takes care of your purse. How much time you spend in taking care of your car can be indicated by the mileage and efficiency of your car. The more you take care of your car the better mileage and efficiency it gives.

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