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Are SUVs Really That Bad On Gas

More people in the United States are complaining about gas prices than ever before. There are people trading in their large vehicles for smaller options just so they can afford to drive to work and back. However, when you think about it, are SUVs and other large vehicles really that bad on gas?.The answer lies largely with the individual owner. It really depends on how much you love your car.

Those SUV owners who really didn't care to drive a smaller car would tell you that their larger vehicles are too expensive to drive. While it is true that they do cost more to fill up, they are not that much different in all actuality.That is, unless you are driving a four cylinder car that will drive you around the world on one tank of gas.

If you love your SUV however, you will likely think it is well worth the extra gas cost. No matter what you are driving right now, you are paying more than you are used to paying for gas.Therefore, no matter what you drive, you are feeling the negative impact from the high gas prices. So, while some think SUVs are hard on gas, others think of it as a normal part of life.

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